Janssen Pharmaceuticals                                             The Recreation Foundation of Hopewell Valley

The Sheperd Foundation                                              Knights of Columbus

Hopewell Valley After School Program                           Hopewell Township

Christine's Hope for Kids Foundation                             Trap Rock Industries

Church and Dwight Co., Inc. Employee Giving Fund        The Ferguson Family

Thank you to our donors that have given over $1500 in support!



President: Brian Cavanaugh
Vice President: Kelly Lento
Treasurer: Lauren Cavanaugh
Secretary: Sheena Lindahl 

Teacher Liaisons:
Hopewell Elementary: Abbi Anker
Tollgate: Nicole Sebastian & Erin O'Brien
Stony Book: Ilene Astemborski
Bear Tavern: Carla Duncan 
Timberlane MS: Katie Schooley & Stephanie Capasso
Central HS: Maryann Babice

Website Coordinator:
Maura Caroselli


STRIVE: A Parent Teacher Organization Supporting Students with Physical, Cognitive, Developmental & Medical Challenges.

"To understand true happiness, we need only observe young children. They are masters at embodying happiness without chasing after it. Because they are as yet untainted by mainstream culture, they don't look for happiness outside themselves. If we are willing, they can lead us back to what we have lost. We need to allow our children to do what they do best, which is simply be themselves."

                               -Dr. Shefali Tsabary